TE’s new side entry Tinel-Lock ring can withstand temperatures to 200°C

TE Connectivity (TE) has launched a new side entry Tinel-Lock ring. The ring is a heat recoverable metal braid terminator, which provides a method of joining a gross cable or harness shield to a customer-built connector backshell or other termination device without pre-positioning the ring on the harness. The uniform recovery force generated by this shape-memory ring gives the termination enhanced mechanical and electrical properties, resulting in a significantly improved performance.

'Cable builders have always preferred Tinel-Lock rings for their ease of installation but they expressed a need for a side entry product that could be removed to allow access to the termination without depinning the connector,” said Doug Jones, senior product manager, TE Connectivity, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “TE’s new side entry Tinel-Lock ring provides exactly this with a low profile, buckle-free, re-enterable high-performance screen termination.”

The side entry Tinel-Lock ring was designed for military and commercial aerospace, military ground systems, military, marine and commercial ships, as well as offshore marine applications. The ring can be used for harness-over-braid termination and cable screen termination to the Tinel-Lock adapter and can be easily removed.

The low DC connection provides excellent 360-degree shielding termination, operating between minus 65 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius. The rings can be installed in seconds using either a resistance heater or a simple heat gun. Thermochromic paint applied to the ring changes color to indicate when the ring has been heated to full recovery. Made with nickel-titanium, the ring’s pull-off force for sizes 04–08 is 100 pounds nom., while size 10 and above is 150 pounds nom.


Sources: www.te.com


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