New TE Connectivity product: Z50 LED Holder Extensions

The TE Solderless LED Holder, Type Z50, is a circular LED holder family that is now extended to provide a solderless connection to the Philips Lumileds LUXEON® CoB LED array family (20x24), CITIZEN Electronics CLL030/032 and SAMSUNG LC026B/LC040B LEDs. These LED holders form the core of electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical connectivity.

Product Features

  • Snap-in LED retention feature simplifies installation by securing the LED to the holder before mounting
  • Poke-in wire connection reduces installation time by eliminating the need for soldering to the LED
  • Enables constant thermal down force to minimize influence by thermal plastic deformation at high temperature
  • Built-in excess paste overflow feature allows for an easy and clean thermal paste application
  • Provides a specified and stable landing area for additional secondary optics verifying your light beam
  • Alternate mechanical optic attachment accessory available, allowing for a variety of optics within your application (Carclo, LEDIL, Kathode)
  • Minimalistic aesthetic design with clear polarity indication to help aid assembly
  • Mechanically strong and robust design with negligible light interference allows for maximum optical output
  • Ecosystem with optics available for off the shelf products for an engineered solution
  • Tool-less termination of 18-22 AWG solid fused and stranded wire allows for an easier installation process and reduced installation


  • Spotlights
  • Down Lights
  • Stage lights
  • Wall washers
  • Architectural lighting
Coming soon to Tencell!
Sources: www.te.com


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