Huber+Suhner extends RADOX fibre-optic cable family

Huber+Suhner has made a key addition to its industry-leading RADOX cable family with the introduction of a new fibre optic cable that has been designed to provide users across many industries with secure data transmission in a variety of hazardous environments and conditions.

RADOX Fibre Optic cables offer high temperature stability, high mechanical and abrasion resistance as well as industry leading fire performance and good fluid resistance. They maintain their form during short-term contact in high temperature conditions (eg. molten metal splashes or welding sparks) and feature good bend resistance at low temperatures.

The cables are halogen free, generate low smoke and emit no corrosive acid and no toxic and corrosive gases. In the event of a fire the cable continues to transmit data for at least 180 minutes (fire test with circuit integrity, according to IEC 60331-25).

Huber+Suhner’s RADOX brand was developed by the company using its own plastic materials where the material molecules are linked three-dimensionally by electron-beam cross-linking. According to the company’s UK Fibre-Optic Application Engineer Thomas Butler, HUBER+SUHNER has optimized the process of cross-linking the material in a way that does not damage the optical fibres.

As a result, these highly resilient fibre optic cables fulfill the optical transmission requirements of ISO/IEC 11801 and IEC 60764-3-12. They are also fully compliant to CEN/TS 45545-2 for fire safety in railway applications.

In addition to railway rolling stock, trackside and underground applications, Huber+Suhner expects to see interest in the new RADOX fibre optic cables among customers in shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas production, security and defence systems, sensors and manufacturing and processing plants.

It fulfils flame, fire, oil and Mud requirements according NEK 606 resp. IEC 60092-359: “Cables for offshore installations; oil, gas, ship & marine industries” and meets the increased requirements of SHF2 (SHF Mud) including oil and drilling fluid resistance.


Sources: www.hubersuhner.co.uk


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